MWC Hiram Grand Lodge


To be a vibrant Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter of dedicated and enthusiastic brothers and sisters who provide Leadership, Charity, Fraternity, and good Citizenship


Develop well-rounded Master Masons and Eastern Stars through vigorous Masonic Education and Teamwork designed to build solid character in order to set good examples in our communities, and elevate our stature in the Jurisdiction.

On February 10, 1932, the late Honorable Floyd Clark 33º  organized a lodge of Masons in Irvington, Virginia and named it “Solomon Temple No. 1” and was in operation until 1966, On the 27th day of April 1932, still another lodge was organized and chartered in the name of Land Mark Lodge No. 11, located in Fordham, Virginia and still another lode was organized by Floyd Clark 33º  about the same time in Kilmarnock, Virginia call Banner Star Lodge No. 111.  The formulation of these Masonic Lodges eventually necessitated a Grand Lodge, thus in 1936 The Most Worshipful Hiram Grand Lodge Jurisdiction of Virginia came into being with Floyd Clark 33 degree being elected as its first Grand Master.

Ever moving forward, Grand Master Clark in October 1951 in the city of Onancock, Virginia caused the merging of the Most Worshipful Hiram Grand Lodge and another grand body (Honorable Lee Harrell 32º degree, Grand Master) and all of its affiliated houses and the Eastern Star Chapters into The Most Worshipful Consolidated Hiram Grand Lodge.  The first annual Grand Lodge Session Divine Services of the Consolidated Grand Lodge was held at Zion Baptist Church located at 21st Street and Ivy Avenue in the city of Newport News, Virginia.  Grand Master Clark remained as the titular head of this Grand Lodge until his untimely death on November 8, 1966.

Grand Master Clark was guided by teachings of the Bible and often quoted from it; he veered from the bible at times, as witness by one of his famous quotes.

          “Masonry is primary a moral discipline; it rests on certain ethical principles; these test the fitness of those seeking admission, and may I say, those who are already in the Order which constitute its fraternal band and sets the standard conduct required of its members.  The principal purpose of Masonry is to produce the finest type of character and culture through fellowship and mutual helpfulness.  Discipline of any kind is exulting, it calls among others things for patience, endurance and above all sacrifice,”

The late Deputy Grand Master Honorable Oakley L. Holman 33º degree became Grand Master from 1966-1983.  Honorable Steptor M. Nickens, 33 º  degree was elected Grand Master from 1983-1987.  Honorable Hamilton R. Thornton, 33º degree became Grand Master from 1987-1999.  The Honorable Andrew L. Galloway 33º degree became Grand Master from 1999-2006.  The Honorable Christian E. 33º degree became Grand Master from 2006-2008.  The Honorable William Tyree 33º   became Grand Master from 2008 – 2019. The Honorable Rodney Hall 33º   became Grand Master 2019 to present.